Minute to Win It

Minute to Win it is a popular program at my library. The kids really enjoy playing.  My budget for this program was $0.00 – so I had to recycle, reduce, and reuse for this program.


Each contestant must complete each challenge in one minute or less. If you complete the challenge, you get one point. Player with the best time (or the most complete) gets two points.

The Challenges

Tweeze Me: Using tweezers to relocate as many beans from one bowl to another.

Go Fishing: Using a paper plate, you have one minute to fan a tissue paper fish to the other side of the room.

Separation Anxiety: Sort the gumballs in to the appropriate cups using only one hand.

String it Together:  Using a pool noodle, slice into 20 smaller pieces. Number each piece. Contestants must string together the noodles in order from 1 to 20.

Ping Pong Ball Shake:  Tie an empty Kleenex box around your waist and fill your truck with five balls. Wiggle until the box is empty.

How it Went

The kids had no problem completing each challenge. I had 6 children participate. It was an hour long program, but we finished up at about 50 minutes. Usually, I would do a second round – but we were on a time crunch and the kids wanted their prizes. I don’t like giving out candy to children, but I gave them each two leftover gumballs  for participating. The winner got to pick out a discarded book.

I asked the children what challenge was the hardest, they said “String it Together.” Next time, I will probably eliminate the numbers on the pool noodles and let them string 20 in the fastest time.

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