Adventure Storytime: Jungle Adventure

Keeping with the TD Summer Reading Program’s “Go” theme, my storytime has turned into “Adventure Storytime” for the summer. I read a story and the kids do a small craft after. Here was today’s plan:

Story: Tiny Little Fly by Michael Rosen, Kevin Waldron (Illustrator)


Tiny Little Fly by Michael Rosen is one of my favourite books to read at storytime. The illustrations are by Kevin Waldron and they are simple enough so that kids do not get lost, but detailed enough to match the story perfectly . The kids had a wonderful time trying to track down the fly as it hops from paw, to nose, and off to the next animal.

Craft: Jungle Masks

I found these really cute jungle masks from “First Palette” printables and I printed off the lion, tiger, and monkey. I had them pre-cut for the kids, so all they had to do is colour them in. The kids had a blast doing it. I even made them make the noise of the animal that they were wearing.


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