Adventure Storytime: Ocean Adventure

I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had a chance to blog about some of my summer programming.  Now that kids are out of school, they’ve been keeping me busy! I changed my storytime up at the last minute because I didn’t like my original story. Three by the Sea by Mini Grey was just a little too complicated for my age group.

Story: Captain Bob Sets Sail by Roni Scotter

1317045This story is about Bob who is about to take a bath. He turns his bath time into a PIRATE and OCEAN adventure. The kids had a wonderful time watching Captain Bob  (and his bare bum) in the bathtub.

Craft: Ocean Adventure

For the craft, I kept it simple. I traced a “fish bowl” onto a piece of paper and had it pre-cut for the kids.

Fish Bowl

Find a template of fish online. I looked up colouring pages of fish and had them pre-cut for the kids – so all they had to do was colour. I also cut out seaweed and sand too. (I’m working with younger children, so they haven’t learned to cut yet. They glued the fish in the fish bowl and used crayons to colour. Very simple – and LOW COST!

Ocean Adventure

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