The Library of the Traveling Journal

What’s a summer program without journal making? I had leftover paper from the Happy Birthday Andy Warhol program, so I decided to use that up while setting up the materials for this program. I did this program for under $10 and that was for about 20 kids to make journals. This is a great way to use up all the “left over” craft supplies that are sitting in your craft locker.

The final project was fabulous – and the kids had a blast doing it. We even went over 30 minutes!

I began by making an insert for the journal. You know me, I LOVE creating document pages. You don’t have to do this, you can just use blank paper.


I folded all the inserts in advance and poked two holes at the crease. I folded the cover page and poked holes at each end. You don’t have to do this. I did it because it was easier for the kids to have it already half assembled.

I had the kids string the string through the insert and through the cover. We tied a bow on the outside of the cover. And then it was time to decorate!  Here are some of the journals they made:

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