“Back to School” Minute to Win It

Kids at my library love Minute to Win It – and trust me, I love running this program. I ran this program on zero budget. I grabbed leftover supplies from the summer and grabbed whatever I could from home.

The Challenges

Breakfast Scramble
Ring, ring, ring! Time to eat breakfast before school starts – but what’s for breakfast? In this challenge, you have to unscramble the box to find out what’s on the menu. If you fail to complete the challenge in 60 seconds, you’ll go to school hungry.

Don’t Disturb the Librarian
When you’re in the library, you must be absolutely silent. Stack the 30 novels on top of another in tower in 60 seconds or less. If you fail to complete the tower, or you make too much noise and alert the librarian, you have to start over!

Keep Your Grades Up
It takes intelligence, dedication, and ability to juggle many tasks to get straight A’s. In this challenge, you won’t be keeping your grades up, but you will have to keep three balloons in the air. Fail to keep the balloons in the air for 60 seconds or less, and you’ll repeat the first grade!’

Snack Stack
It’s almost lunch time, and you have chocolate on your mind. Balance a Tootsie Roll on your forehead, without dropping it, or tipping it over. Complete this challenge in 60 seconds or less, and you’ll be a happy snacker. Fail, and you’ll kiss the Tootsie Roll goodbye.

History Class
Off to history class you go and guess what – POP QUIZ! In this challenge, it is a game of memory. You must match up the faces of eight Prime Ministers. Flip over two cards, if they’re correct, keep them, if not, flip them back over and start again. Fail to match all the eight Prime Ministers in 60 seconds or less, you fail the test. I hope you studied.

Lunch Time
There’s nothing worse than dropping a tray of cafeteria food in the lunch room. In this challenge, you must transport the cafeteria tray to the garbage, but carrying it with one hand. But, beware of obstacles in your way! Fail to complete this challenge in 60 second or less, and tomorrow, you eat the mystery meat.

Math is a Breeze
Do you think math is a breeze? In this game, you need to prove it by sorting card. First, you must separate all the hearts from the deck of cards. Second, you must put them in order lowest to highest. Ace is low and King is high. Fail to complete this challenge in 60 seconds or less, and you can subtract any prizes from your future.

Paper Done Warfare
The aeronautical engineers of today learned their craft in math and science classrooms of yesteryear – by throwing paper airplanes at one another. In this challenge, you will prove whether or not you have the right stuff by successfully landing five aircraft in the wastebasket. Fail to complete this challenge in 60 seconds or less, and instead of drone pilot, you’ll be peeling potatoes in the mess hall.

For the printable worksheet, click here.

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