Junior Writers: Imagination and Setting

Second week of Junior Writers and we’re talking about setting.

Warm Up

Setting has three different components: place, time, and environment. I brought out the easel again and we brainstormed examples of place, time, and environment. Some examples include:

Place: castle, city, town, province, country, farm, coffee shop

Time: Afternoon, evening, daylight, nighttime, past, colonial times, future

Environment: darkness, lightness, hot, cold, temperature, sunny, rainy

Sharing Activity

Using discarded magazines, I cut out pictures that could be used as a setting. The children then chose a picture, glued it on a piece of paper and then wrote what the place, time, and environment of their setting. This allowed the children to start using their imaginations and write.

Writing Activity

In their notebooks, the kids were asked to draw a picture of their favourite place. This could have been somewhere they liked to go, or a place that they have never been, but loved to visit.

After, they were asked to describe the place in words by using the picture to help them.

I try to do the activities with the kids. This was my interpretation of the activity.

Draw and Write: Your favourite place

Draw and Write: Your favourite place



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