Review: No Pirates Allowed Said Library Lou

librarylouTitle: No Pirates Allowed Said Library Lou
Author/Illustrator: Rhonda Gowler Greene and Brian Ajhar
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
Publication Date: May 1, 2013
Format: Picture Book
ISBN: 1585367966
For ages: 3-5

For many, many, many years, Pirates have always followed the X to the buried treasure. Pete is a BIG PIRATE and along with his squawking parrot, Igor, they walk into Seabreezy Library to search for their loot. But, Library Lou stands up to Pete and his parrot. He must bathe and change his underwear before he can get help from Library Lou. When he’s finally obeyed all the rules of the library, Library Lou teaches him that there are more letters than X in the alphabet.

This book is a librarian’s dream. It teaches the rules of the library, but with a pirate theme. Great story for a read aloud – if you can speak pirate. Definitely a keeper for class visits.

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