Review: King Pig

18042148Title: King Pig
Author/Illustrator: Nick Bland
Publisher:  Scholastic Canada
Publication Date:  June 1, 2013
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781742834955
For ages: Preschool 3-5
Type:  Picture Book

King Pig doesn’t know why the sheep do not like him, even though he tries his best. The sheep do not smile, even though he tries to make them laugh. They never listen to him. So, one night, King Pig invited the sheep into his warm castle. They were dyed different colours and shaved to make King Pig fancier clothes. But still, the sheep did not like King Pig – even when he was wearing fancier clothes! How can he make them like him?

Nick Bland has done it again with King Pig. Enclosed in these pages is a story about popularity. King Pig is oblivious that he is making the sheep unhappy. He treats them as slaves, rather than people. Illustrations are simple and beautiful. This story has to be one of the best storybooks that I’ve read all year. A must read for preschool storytime.

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