Kids’ Club – Ooey Gooey Science

Catch a rainbow

Red, Yellow, and Blue food colouring placed in milk. Add dish soap and the colours mix together!

Kids’ Club was a program that I used to run at Windsor Public Library. It was too much fun for the kids and required little pre-planning on my part (….sometimes planned the day before). It followed the same format: read a chapter from a book, followed by an activity.

You don’t have to advertise what the activity is either. Sometimes it’s hard to plan 4 months in advance – especially when you pin some great ideas on Pinterest. It’s great that you only have to advertise it as “kids’ Club” rather than individual programs.

For the Summer Reading Club programs, I choose Gooney Bird Greene as the chapter book that we read. In other years, I’ve done Wayside Stories. Both stories are great because each chapter is sort of an individual story. So, if kids miss a day, they’re not missing the entire story.

For some great science experiments, check out Kitchen Science Lab for Kids by Liz Lee Heinecke ISBN: 9781592539253

Today, we did Ooey Gooey Science. It’s a program that my colleague ran before and the kids just were wide eyed.

I did four experiments with them. It took about an hour to read + do the experiments.

Erupting Playdough

Elephant Toothpaste

– I used regular drugstore Hydrogen Peroxide – you’ll have to put at least a 1 1/2 cup to get the results

Catch a Rainbow

Balloon Blowup

How it Went 

The kids were amazed at some of the experiments. I had two little boys who kept saying, “…but how? How?”

I made enough Playdough to give them some to take home in a little baggy. I also gave them a take-away sheet of all the experiments that we did that day.

catch a rainbow

Red, Yellow, and Blue food colouring placed in milk. Add dish soap and the colours mix together!

elephant toothpaste

Mix in hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and food colouring into the bottle. Mix in warm water and yeast. Pour it in to the bottle, and watch it explode!

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