Review: Tiny Little Fly

8036457Title:  Tiny Little Fly
Author/Illustrator:  Michael Rosen and Kevin Waldron
Publisher:  Candlewick Press
Publication Date:  November 9, 2011
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780763646813
For ages: Preschool 3-5
Type:  Picture Book

Oh my a tiny little fly is causing so much trouble around the jungle! Follow the elephant, hippo, and tiger who try to catch the buzzing, buzzing, buzzing, fly.

Kevin Waldron might be my most favourited illustrator. These pictures are big, clear, and easy to see. I read this story for my Adventure storytime and the kids adored looking at the animals in the jungle. Will be reusing this for storytimes to come.

Review: The Trouble with Chickens

8366238Title: The Trouble with Chickens (JJ Tully Mystery)
Author/Illustrator:  Doreen Cronin and Kevin Cornell
Publisher:  Balzer + Bray
Publication Date:  January 12, 2012
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0606318006
For ages: 8+
Type:  Juvenile

JJ Tully is a retired search and rescue dog, but he cannot seem to enjoy his retirement. He’s pestered by crazy chickens in his yard: Millicent (he called her Moosh) and her puffy chicks Little Boo and Peep (he called Dirt and Sugar).  When the chicks go missing, JJ Tully, bribed by a cheeseburger, is hired to track them down. But, whose side are the chickens on? Something doesn’t smell right with this case.

JJ Tully is one hard-nosed detective. The book is written in short sentences, making it an easy read for advanced readers. Humour mixed with mystery, this book will make a great read reluctant boys.

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Review: King Pig

18042148Title: King Pig
Author/Illustrator: Nick Bland
Publisher:  Scholastic Canada
Publication Date:  June 1, 2013
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781742834955
For ages: Preschool 3-5
Type:  Picture Book

King Pig doesn’t know why the sheep do not like him, even though he tries his best. The sheep do not smile, even though he tries to make them laugh. They never listen to him. So, one night, King Pig invited the sheep into his warm castle. They were dyed different colours and shaved to make King Pig fancier clothes. But still, the sheep did not like King Pig – even when he was wearing fancier clothes! How can he make them like him?

Nick Bland has done it again with King Pig. Enclosed in these pages is a story about popularity. King Pig is oblivious that he is making the sheep unhappy. He treats them as slaves, rather than people. Illustrations are simple and beautiful. This story has to be one of the best storybooks that I’ve read all year. A must read for preschool storytime.

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Review: Vampire Trouble (The Bailey City Monsters)

58649Title: Vampire Trouble (The Bailey City Monsters)
Author/Illustrator:  Marcia Thornton Jones and Debbie Dadey
Publisher: Little Apple
Publication Date:  December 1998
Format:  Paperback
ISBN: 978-0590108461
For ages: 8+
Type: Juvenile

Bailey City is always filled with excitement. When the Haunty family of the Haulty Manor Inn comes into town, rumours start that Madame Hauntly is a vampire. She sleeps in dirt. Wears vampire inspired clothing, and tells interesting stories. But, is she really a vampire?

Bailey City Monsters always puts on a performance in the books. The moral of the story digs deeper – acceptance of those that are different. Great book for ages 8 and up.

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This is Jeopardy!

Jeopardy Logo

Design a trivia program for your library. Have them search for the answers using library databases. Helps them learn how to use them! Low budget library program!

Sorry for the LONG hiatus between posts. I exited a contract position and worked as a supply librarian (no program development, only delivery). Then I started a new job working as a children and youth programmer at a new library. So, after a loooooong hiatus – I’m back!

I love technology. I love integrating technology into programs. It’s part of the new trend of librarianship and I think it’s so important as we move forward as librarians.

Here’s a cool program that promotes the library databases and of course, IT’S LOW BUDGET!

Here’s What You Need

  • Easy Buttons from Staples
  • Chromebooks, Netbooks, iPads, computer lab (or whatever your library has)
  • Index cards or white board
  • Smartboard or projector (if your library has access to them) – if not, Bristol board to write the questions on

There are two resources you can use to display your questions:

Super Teacher Tools

This website offers a great platform and easy to use. You just plug in your questions and it creates it for you


I found this great template online for Jeopardy that had hyperlinks to the questions. You can download it here

Rules of the Game

  1. Children/Teens will be put into teams and will receive one Chromebook/Netbook, one Easy Button, and index cards
  2. Teams will draw straws to see who will ask the first question
  3. Teams will choose a category and select point value: “I’ll take sports for 5 Points”
  4. Once the questions have been asked, teams will search for the answers on one of the library databases (Worldbook Online, Kids InfoBits, etc.)
  5. Teams will then have to write down the answer on their index card and buzz their Easy Button when finished.
  6. All the teams will reveal their answers. If the team answers correctly, they are awarded the point value of the question. Bonus points are awarded to the team who correctly answers first.