There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

I’ve seen on Pinterest various props for “There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly.” My favourite is the garbage can dressed up as an old lady, but if space and storage is an issue – then it’s not a practical prop to make. Here’s something I came across and did my own take on it. They used a Kleenex box, but we decided to use a baby wipe container instead for durability.

Cost of project: $2.80 + coloured printing

You can also use a recycled baby wipe container if you know of a parent or caregiver that uses them too!

I used Publisher to find clipart for the song and found the old lady template somewhere in cyber space! I’d love to track down who made it so that I can give them credit!

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly


  1. Print the old lady template on cardstock for durability. Laminate if you have access. If not, just use packing tape. Cut out shapes.
  2. Print the animal template. Laminate if you have access. If not, use packing tape. Cut out shapes.
  3. Rip off flap for the baby wipe container. You may need to cut some of the inside silicone for a deeper mouth.
  4. Use a hot glue gun to adhere the old lady to the container.
  5. Optional: use construction paper to decorate the outside of the container.

When you’re performing, just throw the animal into the mouth of the old lady!

Lyrics to the Song

My coworkers and I were discussing the lyrics to “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” and consensus is that it’s a little grim to sing perhaps she’ll die. I’ve been in a storytime where the programmer has used that lyric, and I thought it wasn’t such a good idea. We decided that perhaps she’ll cry sounds much better!

Programmers, what do you use?

REVIEW: Stand Off

Stand Off Andrew SmithTitle: Stand Off
Author/Illustrator: Andrew Smith
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781481418294
For ages: 13+
Type: Young Adult
Year: September 2015

It’s Ryan Dean’s final year at Pine Mountain and it should be a celebration. Instead, it is causing nothing but pain. His rugby coach assigned him the role as captain, replacing his dead best friend, Joey. If that didn’t make matters worse, Ryan Dean is rooming with a 12-year old claustrophobic freshman named Sam Abernathy. Ryan Dean’s drawings haven’t been giving him relief like they used to. He’s paranoid that N.A.T.E (Next Accidental Terrible Experience) is looming near. Does a visit from Joey’s brother, Nico, change anything? Will Ryan Dean ever enjoy his final year of high school?

I received Stand off an advance copy from Simon & Shuster Canada and it did not disappoint. Sequels are hit or miss and Winger just blew my mind. This one was a hit. Ryan Dean’s struggles over the death Joey are realistic. Andrew Smith has a knack for merging humour and sympathy in such a natural way that Ryan Dean’s life seems, well, natural. The comics weren’t as enjoyable as the last, but suited Ryan Dean’s struggles. A brilliant sequel.

Jbrary Features “Rock the Library” in Canadian Libraries Spotlight

Head on over to one of my favourite blogs Jbrary to see my feature on low-budget programming!

I first started out as a Children’s Librarian at Windsor Public Library and our budget was tiny. Stretching a dime into a dollar is my specialty. Programming doesn’t have to be expensive. Head on over to Jbrary to see my feature and some tips on how to run low-budget programming at your library!

Bullet Journaling Tutorial

Where would I be without my bullet journal? Between planning of a new library branch to Summer Reading Club to countless programs and daycare visits – I need to be organized. And with over 1000 program participants in the month of July alone, I need a system that works. So, I heard about the bullet journal trend and I decided to give it a go. And it has become a lifesaver.

What is Bullet Journaling?

Bullet Journaling is an analog system for the digital age. It lets you create lists, events, notes, and it highlight your monthly calendar. Plus, it’s fun and you can make it super colourful if you need to!  View the tutorial video below.

I purchased my journal at Staples. One side is lined, the other side is squared. I opted for this one because it is slightly cheaper than the Moleskin squared notebook. Plus, they were sold out. Win-Win!

Even though there’s an index, I find it easier to label each month. I even have a little place to put my fitness schedule and water intake.

If you’re a chronic list maker, like myself, then I would give bullet journaling a try!