Bullet Journaling Tutorial

Where would I be without my bullet journal? Between planning of a new library branch to Summer Reading Club to countless programs and daycare visits – I need to be organized. And with over 1000 program participants in the month of July alone, I need a system that works. So, I heard about the bullet journal trend and I decided to give it a go. And it has become a lifesaver.

What is Bullet Journaling?

Bullet Journaling is an analog system for the digital age. It lets you create lists, events, notes, and it highlight your monthly calendar. Plus, it’s fun and you can make it super colourful if you need to!  View the tutorial video below.

I purchased my journal at Staples. One side is lined, the other side is squared. I opted for this one because it is slightly cheaper than the Moleskin squared notebook. Plus, they were sold out. Win-Win!

Even though there’s an index, I find it easier to label each month. I even have a little place to put my fitness schedule and water intake.

If you’re a chronic list maker, like myself, then I would give bullet journaling a try!

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