Review: Duck on a Bike

920780Title: Duck on a Bike
Author/Illustrator:  David Shannon
Publisher: Blue Sky Press
Publication Date: 2002
Format:  Hardcover
ISBN: 9780439050234
For ages: 3-6
Type: Picture Book

Duck has a crazy idea. “I bet I could ride a bike,” says Duck. He peddled slowly. He wobbled and wiggled.  Cow thinks Duck is silly. Sheep is worried that Duck is going to hurt himself. And Goat wants to eat the bike! Find out what Duck does next on the bike!

Perfect for an animal themed storytime, “Duck on a Bike” is infused with adventure and silliness.  I like reading this story because it shows a variety of animals on the farm – which you could always supplement with farm noises. Very interactive read for those wiggly ones in storytime.

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