Review: Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House)

127335Title: Tonight on the Titanic (Magic Tree House)
Author/Illustrator:  Mary Pope Osborne
Publisher:  Random House Books for Young Readers
Publication Date:  March 23, 1999
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0375808548
For ages: 8+
Type:  Juvenile

The Magic Tree House takes Annie and Jack to the decks of Titanic to help rescue Lucy and William escape the sinking ship. Will Annie and Jack make it back to the Magic Tree House before the Titanic sinks at 2:20 AM?

This book was recommended to me by another librarian and what a suspenseful read! I could just imagine older children reading this and biting their nails. This book is perfect for those who like a combination of mystery and history.

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